Welcome to Route 39 Academy

We are delighted to welcome you to Route 39 Academy, our secondary school on the North Devon coast, state-funded and open to all.

Route 39 is a unique secondary school, grown from the passion of the local community. The location is inspiring, probably the most beautiful in the whole of the UK, and our students have the very best education that the 21st century can provide.

Given the right circumstances, all young people can achieve more than they ever think possible. So we set the bar high, giving everyone ambitious and challenging academic targets. Underpinning this is our mission for every student to emerge a confident individual with a wide range of skills. This will enable them to become successful life-long learners, in any walk of life.

Learning can sometimes be a messy business and when things get tough, young people need others around them who know them and genuinely care. Route 39 Academy is a close-knit, supportive community. Students, staff, parents and governors work closely together, taking great pride in the Academy’s achievements and an active role in its growth.

We invite you to come and see for yourselves and look forward to welcoming you to the Academy.

Principal Jordan Kelly