A New Style of Parents Evening

A New Approach

We are moving away from the traditional method of giving you a very small amount of time with different subject teachers. Instead, you will be offered a longer length of time with your child and their Coach.

How Does it Work?

Before the meeting:

You will receive a report from subject teachers detailing your child’s progress, work ethic, and targets.

During your appointment:

Your child will present their learning to you in each subject and show you some of the work they have produced during the first term.

Students are being asked to:
  • Consider what they learned through the project or topic.
  • Explain which Learning Habits they used.
  • Discuss their biggest success.
  • Identify the most difficult aspect and what was done to overcome this.
  • Explain the target they have set themselves.

You will then have time to ask your child some questions.

Your child's Coach has been working with them to prepare the presentation. They will offer encouragement and reminders if needed. They will also spend a few minutes at the end discussing overall targets to ensure everyone is aware of how best to improve.

At any time:

If you have any subject specific questions which you feel are not answered or need further discussion, then you are more than welcome to email subject teachers directly.

Why Change the Approach?

Quality Time

Parental feedback suggested that previous meetings didn’t reflect the intimate nature which is such a strength at Route 39 Academy. The new approach will allow you to spend more time with your child’s Coach and build the relationship.

Better Understanding

Looking at the work together will allow you to get a better understanding of your child’s stage of learning. You will be able to see their strengths and areas for improvement across all areas.

Ownership and Leadership

It is an incredibly valuable skill for students to be able reflect on their own performance. They need to be the experts in their own capabilities in order to become self-motivated and constantly improve. This also means that you can continue the conversation when you are at home without needing a member of staff present.

Presentation Skills

The skill of presenting publicly (particularly to people we care about and respect) is not easy but is an incredibly useful tool in life. Students are currently working on their presentations in Coaching and Oracy sessions.

Supporting Your Child

It is very important that you support your child through this event. You can do this by reading the report in advance and preparing some simple questions to ask on the night.