About Us

Route 39 Academy is a unique secondary school, grown from the passion of the local community. The location is inspiring, probably the most beautiful in the whole of the UK, and our students have the very best education that the 21st century can provide.
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Route 39 was started by a group of local parents and professionals, united by a passion for education and life-long learning. Together they developed a vision for a new school with both a personal and an innovative approach to learning. Click here to learn more.
Lynsey Slater joined the Academy in 2018 as part of the prospective MAT decision by the Regional Schools Commission.Following a successful career in environmental conservation, Lynsey started teaching, through the Fast Track programme, as a science teacher at Launceston College in 2004. She is an experienced leader, with both pastoral and curriculum responsibilities, since joining the College leadership team in 2009 and has been Deputy Principal at Launceston College. 
An excellent education relies first and foremost on the teachers. All our teachers are fully qualified. Find out more about our teaching team here.  
A school relies on excellent support staff to ensure its smooth operation. Find out more about our support team here.
The school encourages students to be aspirational and ambitious. We operate a Fellowship Programme to help to widen students’ horizons and give them a range of interesting and inspirational mentors. Click here for more information.
The Academy has a strong, involved and committed governing body which ensures the school's vision is being realised. To find out more and view Academy Trust information, please click here.
Coming soon, information for inspectors on where to find key documents on this website.