About Us

Above: "Shaping children into responsible young adults with a love of learning is paramount."     Principal, Mr Jordan Kelly.

Route 39 was started by a group of local parents, united by a passion for education and life-long learning. Following two and half years of voluntary work, Route 39 Academy opened its doors as a fully fledged state secondary school in September 2013. It will grow year by year until it has 700 students, including a sixth form. We are currently located in temporary premises in Higher Clovelly while the permanent site is being developed.

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Introducing the Principal

Mr Jordan Kelly joined the Academy in 2014 as Assistant Principal and Head of Science. Having stepped up as Acting Principal in 2015, he proved his excellent leadership skills and, following a competitive recruitment process, was appointed to the permanent post of Principal in June 2016. Please click here for more information.

Introducing the Teaching Staff

An excellent education relies first and foremost on the teachers. All our teachers are fully qualified. Find out more about our staff team here.  

Introducing the Governing Body

The Academy has a strong, involved and committed governing body which ensures the school's vision is being realised. To find out more, please click here.

Academy Policies

Our policies aim to provide parents, students and staff with the information they need to know about how the Academy works and what it will provide. The policies also let you know what the Academy will expect in return. A list of our policies can be found here.

Academy Trust

Meeting minutes, financial information, freedom of information responses and other publications from the Academy Trust. Please click here to access this information.