Dizzying Heights

After the Halloween fundraising fun there were more treats in store with a trip to the ever popular Skern Lodge.  This was followed by an activity day taking advantage of our lovely home in Clovelly with activities and challenges including Capture the Flag and den building.
Leader of Phase Ms Scotting was one of the staff members involved as teachers and students took part in tasks designed to push them out of their comfort zones, work as a team and discover just how truly resilient and Route 39 they are.
"Groups were treated to tunneling, high ropes, orienteering and zip lining among other things.
Our lovely students engaged brilliantly with even the most unnerving challenges and had a fantastic day learning about themselves, their peers and staff. "
In turn Challenge student Lewis commented on how he came to see his teachers in a different light as they took on the challenges together, especially some of the new staff members. 
We hope that some barriers were broken down, new bonds forged and the Route 39 family strengthened as everyone got to know each other a little better. 
Skern Lodge's Training and Development Manager, Richard Thomas, reported back to school and wrote that; "The vibe the students gave off was positive and engaged. Our staff once again really enjoyed having their company for the 2 days and they certainly left a good impression of the school.
It was also great to see the staff team enjoy working alongside the students, enjoying and celebrating each others achievements on the activities."
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