Operation Encompass

As a school we are delighted to be supporting Operation Encompass. We ‘went live’ on 27 November 2017.

Operation Encompass is a Police and Education early intervention safeguarding partnership which supports children and young people exposed to domestic abuse.  

Operation Encompass is very simple: if police are called to an incident in which any of our pupils are exposed to domestic abuse, the police will report the matter to the school  before the start of the next school day. Research about the impact of domestic abuse on children is extremely concerning.

When measuring the impact of incidents on children, researchers refer to ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’, ACEs.  An ACE is essentially a traumatic experience.  Domestic abuse witnessed by children is classified as an ACE.   The emotional impact is huge.
ACEs have been shown to have the strongest correlation to adverse adult experiences.  They correlate strongly to a significantly increased risk of:
  • involvement with crime;
  • involvement with drugs;
  • suicide.

It has been suggested that exposure to 4 or more ACEs reduces life expectancy by 20 years.
The system is simple:

If a pupil at our academy has been exposed to domestic abuse, the police will telephone Leighton Tellem or Emma Isherwood before school starts. They will inform you so that you can keep an eye on the pupil, support them and inform the safeguarding team of any concerns.

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