Singing In Christmas

Route 39's Choir have had a very busy few weeks at the end of term as they supported local events by singing their hearts out.  St Mark's Primary School Christmas Fayre, The Milky Way, Clovelly Christmas Lights Switch On and Langtree Market all benefited from their efforts.
While the Choir is partly about finding and nurturing musical talent, it is has a much wider purpose.  It is open to anyone from the newest Year Sevens to the more experienced GCSE Music students and provides a safe and supportive opportunity for the most shy and nervous of them to gather their courage and face an audience of hundreds.  This is wonderful from a personal achievement point of view and it also builds on our focus on Oracy as we strengthen their ability to communicate confidently and with assurance, which will stand them in good stead further down the line in University and career interviews and roles.
Of course the students are enjoying themselves far too much to think about what the benefits are on their overall education!  Tabatha and Bethany confirm that they joined the choir simply because they love to sing and because of the support and camaraderie in the group they feel that they can overcome their nerves and find their voice.  Jodie, in Year Seven, also says how she enjoys showing her pride in the school and what we can do.
We are also very proud of them and their bravery and commitment in giving up their lunchtime breaks, evenings and weekends to practice and perform for the community.
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