Community Creativity

Every Wednesday afternoon it is time for Create.  Students are offered a variety of sessions to get their creativity flowing, from drama to computing and music.   Sewing and textile art is enjoying a resurgence in popularity at the moment on a national level; according to research by the Craft & Hobby Trade Association (CHA-UK) over 1 million people have taken up sewing as a hobby over the last three years,  and it seems like Route 39 is no exception.  This term the sewing sessions have been especially popular with many students, particularly the younger ones.
Create and Extra Curriculum sessions also offer a great way for school and community to come together and skill share.  It's always special when volunteers come into school to share their knowledge across communities and sometimes across generations.
It's even more special when volunteers and students enjoy the exchange so much!  Students were enraptured and enjoyed learning from a volunteer with such a positive attitude, and in turn they were described as very polite and well mannered.
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