Mathletics Fun

The third annual Mathletics Quiz took place on Friday as teams gathered at school to pit their wits against each other.
Reassured by the promise that no previous knowledge or skill was in fact preferable, parents and students came out in teams of six to battle for the trophy and bragging rights for the year.
Maths lead Mrs Smith explains that the idea behind the quiz is to promote Maths beyond the dry and boring  status which it is often labelled with and make it fun, and show how problem solving skills are used in daily life.  The Maths department also wanted to showcase activities which are used in lessons at Route 39 to help parents support their children in the subject and remove some of the fear factor parents often experience when faced with understanding the Maths their children are using . 
This year the prize was shared by two teams-congratulations to ‘Chips’ ( Liz, John and Maisy Wedgwood, Hannah Dobson and Aidan Barrs) and Tutti Frutti (Kelly Dobson, John Dobson, Kate Harmer, Suzie Partridge and guest).
Winners of the coveted Wooden Spoon were Cheeseballs.  Better luck next time!
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