Environment Day in Spanish

World Environment Day was high on the agenda recently with students taking on all sorts of tasks from going single use plastic free for a week to creating 'rubbish' selfies. As we like to take on projects across subjects we explored the many aspects of the day in lessons from STEM to Spanish.
 Year 10 students have been creating posters in Spanish to raise awareness about plastic and environmental problems.  As well as introducing new vocabulary this helps illustrate how some issues cross the boundaries of borders and languages, and a global outlook may be the way to solve some of the biggest issues facing our young people today.
Students were also tasked with having a look at their own homes and ways to reduce plastic use.  Recycling was high on the list of ways to help but students also came up with ways to reduce the use of plastics in the first place.  Laura came up with a new recipe created to turn last night's leftovers into a new family favourite-not only helping the environment by saving on food resources and plastic wrap, but also saving money.  Bobbo took photographs of his chickens and family veg plot to show how growing your own means zero food miles and zero plastic packaging, as well as nutritious food.  His family also composts kitchen waste which is yet another way to recycle and reuse.  
As a school we couldn't be more proud of our resourceful and creative students and their passion and enthusiasm for improving the environment for all of us.
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