Broad Horizons, Balanced Values

"Fear is violence, discrimination is violence, exploitation of others is violence, segregation is violence, condemning others is violence. We must work to eliminate violence at all levels.”  Peace Activist, Satish Kumar, addresses students

Engage, Respect, Aspire

We are a small school, with mutual respect at the heart of our ethos. We promote behaviours which develop strength of character and make our community happy and cohesive - accepting individual differences, listening to other viewpoints, taking personal responsibility for words and actions. These also make us good citizens in the wider context.

However, we recognise that our rural location does not always reflect the diversity of other parts of the UK. Therefore, we take every opportunity to broaden the horizons of our young people.

The Role Models

Our Fellowship Programme brings a diverse range inspiring individuals to the Academy. They come from all walks of life and enhance the students understanding of their world in a real and engaging way. Our speakers to date have included environmental campaigners, a peace activitist, a Buddhist monk, an expert on global health, barristers and NHS staff. 

The Whole Picture

Weekly sessions on 'Community, Philosphy and Ethics' are dedicated to the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of the students. However, these lessons do not stand alone. Our project-based approach means that subjects are tackled across the curriculum, from a variety of perspectives and over a number of weeks. Student discussion and debate are highly valued in this process.

The Visionheart Programme

The Scary Guy is a welcome and familiar face at Route 39 Academy. His programme's aims - "to eliminate hate, violence and prejudice around the world" - reach far beyond the immediate school setting. The students are shown that they have the capacity to interact with all human behaviour (even the negative) with compassion and understanding.

Fully Inclusive Experiences

Our whole school trips have been extremely valuable. The most recent visit to London incorporated the Imperial War Museum, Tower of London Poppy installation and the National Theatre. All students participate in these experiences which widen their cultural perspectives.