A Distinctive Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the new 2014 National Curriculum. However, we are taking a distinctive approach to ensure that learning is engaging and relevant for our students and prepares them for adult life. We are highly ambitious. This curriculum has been developed through visits to exemplary schools across the country and extensive international research. 

Click on the headings below to discover 10 key ingredients of a Route 39 education:

1. Knowing Each Student Well

This is the crucial starting point. Every student can then be supported and challenged according to their indivdual needs. Please click here to find out more.

2. Building Character

This is the foundation. We give students the emotional and social skills to thrive. Click here to discover how this is achieved.

3. Life-skills and Learning Habits

These are the tools. They enable students to become effective, independent and life-long learners. Click here to find out more.

4. Broad Horizons, Balanced Values

This is the moral compass. We equip students with a deep understanding of the world around them and a clear sense of their responsibilities. Click here to find out more.

5. Progress by Stage Not Age

This is the journey. Students are supported to move through the curriculum at a pace suited to them. Find out the phases of learning through to examinations.

6. Specialist Provision

Specialist provision is an entitlement for every student and we actively welcome students with a diverse range of skills and needs. For more details, click here.

7. Focus on Literacy

Literacy skills are the backbone of learning and we place significant emphasis on it throughout the curriculum. Please click here.

8. Real-Life Experience

Because the best learning happens when a student is really engaged, we use every opportunity to make learning exciting and relevant. Find out more here.

9. Pupil Premium

This is additional funding for students who receive free school meals, looked after children or the children of service personnel. It allows us to ensure all students have equal and fair access to a range of experiences and personalised support. Please click here.

10. An Extended School Day

The school operates a longer day running from 8.30am-5pm which offers many exciting opportunities. Click here to find out more.

Stretch Phase Curriculum

Every teacher brings their own flavour and energy to a subject. However, the close collaboration between staff at Route 39 ensures that themes are often linked and that creative ideas and best practice are shared. Please see the links below for examples of what and how the students are learning.

Challenge Phase Curriculum

Students begin this phase of GCSE study when they are ready. The Challenge curriculum at Route 39 Academy is designed to open doors and prepare students for the next level of study, no matter what they wish to do. Students will follow the new 'Progress 8' measure and 'English Baccalaureate'. Please click here to find out more about these terms.

With a choice of:


Timetabling ensures staff teach a limited number of students per week and so establish stronger, more productive relationships. Longer lesson periods also allow time for in-depth learning.

Research and Inspiration

What inspired the birth of Route 39 Academy and what informed the development of its curriculum? To find out, please click here.