Equipment Essentials

Daily Equipment Check List

Every student needs to come to Academy with:
  • Bus pass (where applicable)
  • Pencil case with: 2 pens, 2 pencils, highlighter pens, colouring pencils, rubber, sharpener, glue-stick, geometry set (compass, protractor, ruler)
  • Scientific calculator
  • Reading book of student’s choice
  • Mini-whiteboard, board rubber and pen (can be bought from the school, £2.50 for the set, £2.00 for the whiteboard, 25p for the pen)
  • PE/outdoor kit (named and in separate bag) – this should include sun cream in sunny weather.
  • Drinks bottle (water only in lessons)
  • Waterproof coat
  • Chrome Book


Every child will be issued with a Chromebook. These are used frequently throughout the day to produce work, collaborate with other students and staff, and to undertake independent research.

Costs and Insurance

Chromebooks are funded by the Academy. However, parents are responsible for making sure the equipment is covered by adequate insurance. This can be purchased from the Academy. Alternatively, if the equipment is covered by an existing household policy, a copy of the policy should be brought to school for our records. 

Looking After A Chromebook

Chromebooks come with a protective neoprene case, which can be upgraded for a charge to a rucksack.

Breakages have financial implications. A non-functioning Chromebook can disrupt the student's learning. This can be avoided by students following 3 simple rules of usage:
  1. Always hold your Chromebook by its base, NEVER by its screen.
  2. If your Chromebook is inside a school bag, NEVER throw the bag around. Place it down carefully in a safe place.
  3. Charge your Chromebook every evening at home, screen closed, out of harm's way.


Being safe on-line is discussed regularly in school and training is given to staff, students and parents. We have produced guidelines for parents: