From Those on the Ground

We are a small team of passionate, caring professionals who are deeply committed to the vision of this academy.

Obviously, if you’ve got this far, you are interested in working with us. In return, we’d like to give you the opportunity of hearing from us about what it’s like at Route 39 Academy, what kind of person you need to be to work here, and what it’s like to live in North Devon/Cornwall.
 “The family feel of the school … Everybody knows everybody really well, and as a teacher this means I can be more effective. I can give one student extra support in a session, or another a push if they need it.” Catherine Clawley (STEM)

“The best thing is the students ... There’s a high level of emotional intelligence and a real enjoyment in learning.” Jordan Kelly (Principal)

“I love the atmosphere here - it’s warm, personable and caring…. The staff know the students really well, and the students can read us like a book…. The students are really supportive of the staff. I really love project-based learning approach and collaborative planning is great!” Caroline Smart (English and Humanities)

“The environment - seeing the view every day. And the staff body is the most hard-working and selfless I have ever come across. They are also really supportive. ” Natasha Reeves (Lead PE)

“You get to leave the classroom, and you get to know everybody really well. It is very varied.” Jo Smith (Director of Maths)

What kind of person do you need to be to work at Route 39 Academy?

“You need to be flexible and have a good sense of humour … The temporary site is a real challenge, there’s a lot of walking! “ Catherine Clawley (STEM)

“You need to be passionate, flexible and adventurous.” Jordan Kelly (Principal)

“You need a positive attitude and to be flexible. You need to be hardworking, compassionate, willing to try new things and be prepared to be self-reflective when things go wrong.” Caroline Smart (English and Humanities)

“ You need to be flexible and enthusiastic and throw yourself into it… you need to be open to young people, open to ideas and open to different ways of thinking. And reflective!” Natasha Reeves (Lead PE)

 “You need to be resilient! The logistics of the split temporary site are complex, and because it is a new school, there are the challenges of setting everything up from scratch.” Jo Smith (Director of Maths)

What’s good about living in this area?

“Beaches beaches beaches! When taking the dog for a walk we rarely, if ever, go to the same beach two days running and we haven't even started exploring Exmoor and Dartmoor.

I live in Bideford which is a historic port and market town. Compared to your typical town it has very few chain shops and instead relies on local small scale suppliers and proprietors which means we get high end, artisan products at regular prices. The restaurant scene is small but impressively varied and growing all the time. The local village of Appledore is well known for the live music scene and gig rowing which is a great way to meet people (and exercise) and Instow has a thriving sailing culture.”
Jordan Kelly (Principal)

“Having lived in the area all my life I can not talk more highly about life in this small corner of the UK. With a relaxed attitude to life, welcoming smiles in every town and village you visit, it is truly an amazing place to live. Having access to the rolling hills and beautiful coastline, the fresh sea breeze certainly gets any dull day off to a flying start.

The commute to work can often offer breathtaking views, with wild deer drinking at watering holes and a sunrise that will make you stop to take a picture.

Primary schools are generally small and very personable, each with their own specialism.“

Alex Boardman (PE)

“Having moved from Bristol to Bude, one of the biggest changes for me is the slower pace of life. I love living here because I’m really close to the coast and I regularly get to walk the coastal path with my dog, which is a joy - whatever the weather. I have joined the Bude jive group, the local WI group, a photography group in Ashwater and am now attending a weekly pilates class in Marhamchurch. I have also had opportunities to join day courses in ceramic painting, glass fusing and herbal crafts.

The commute to work is easy, especially at the time of day we start and finish, it takes me the same time it took to travel across Bristol most days to and from work, and the views in the morning can be breathtaking."

Natasha Reeves (lead PE)
Staff and students on a cliff walk to Bude
Staff after-school surfing session, Westward Ho!