Higher Clovelly

This is the view from Route 39 Academy, one of the most beautifully located schools in the whole of the United Kingdom. Perched upon the hilltop of Higher Clovelly, it commands a wide panorama across the bay. Formerly the home of Clovelly Primary school, the buildings have been refurbished and now house an environment fit for 21st century learning.

Take a Look Around...

The DaVinci Room

The largest room on the ground floor is the DaVinci room. This is where the experimental, artistic, and practical (messy!) aspects of the students' projects take place.

Much of the STEM project work (Science, Technology, Electronics and Maths) is done here.


State of the art ISIS ‘Vertables’ have been installed. ISIS are known for their very innovative furniture and learning equipment. These tables double-up as interactive whiteboards and support creative collaboration.

The Einstein Room

Connected to this is a smaller room  -  the Einstein Room. As the name suggests, this is the ‘thinking’ space where students plan their projects and then discuss and evaluate the outcomes.

The furniture and technology here reflects this purpose – comfortable linked seating and an interactive teaching wall.

The Newton Room

Along the corridor on the ground floor is the Maths Room. The very specific skills required to master this subject means that Maths is taught separately.

However, Maths is also incorporated into the projects.

Students progress at a pace and level suited to their individual learning.

The Morpurgo Room

The first floor primarily consists of a large, open space with window seats and inspirational views across Bideford bay and Lundy.

Up here, students explore and experience how English, literature and the humanities are interconnected and are a real part of their local environment.

This is also where students are mastering their first modern language - Spanish.

New Science Lab

For September 2014, we have had additional classrooms and offices added. These are smart, bright, learning spaces - just as good as any permanent classrooms.

They include a fully equipped science laboratory to support the practical aspects of the scientific study and the GCSE curriculum.

Sports and Drama

For those activities which cannot be provided on site, the school minibus transports the students to a variety of other venues - Woolsery Hall for indoor courts and all-weather surface, the swimming pool at Northam, Tamar Lakes for sailing and the beaches at Westward Ho! for surfing.

Down the lane from the Academy is Clovelly Parish Hall. Route 39 Academy have full use of this facility during the school day. The full-sized football pitch is an excellent resource for the school (as long as our players and coaches don't get too distracted by the views!) Inside, a hall with a stage provides plenty of opportunities for dance, art, music and drama.


Lunchtime dining also takes place in the Parish Hall, with excellent food from Andy Hudson, a local caterer. Please click here for more details.

The Local Community

Clovelly is a unique place, a long-standing rural and maritime community as well as a successful tourist attraction. Not only is the location exceptionally beautiful but it is steeped in history, scientific and geographical interest and literary importance. The opportunities for our teaching staff to produce relevant and hands-on projects from these amazing surroundings are enormous.

Route 39 Academy is about learning through doing. It is about celebrating the locality and showing students how to acquire life-long skills, interests and futures within it. We hope to be able to tap into the rich knowledge and expertise of the Clovelly community. But we are also committed to make sure the school gives something back -  a 'thank you' for allowing us to make our home here while the permanent site is being developed.