Parent Information

Parent to Parent

Would you like to talk to another parent about their experience of Route 39 Academy? Have you got questions you need answering? Our parent representatives from FOR39 (Friends of Route 39 Academy) are available to discuss any issue, large or small.

School Calendar

Our school calendar provides information on term dates, school events, parent evenings, open days and more.

The Importance Good of Attendance

At Route 39 Academy, we are committed to improving every student’s life chances. We therefore monitor the attendance of all students and when any pupil's attendance falls below 95% (around one week in any year), it is taken very seriously. The diagram here shows the link between attendance and the examination results students may achieve.

Keeping Safe

The official term 'Safeguarding' features highly in the priorities of staff and governors. It refers to the measures which are put in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students. At Route 39 Academy, we pride ourselves that the culture and organisation of the school mean that each student is cared for and known well. The results of our parent and student surveys endorse this. 

Keeping Safe Online

As parents we’re there to protect and guide our children. But how can we do it when we’re not aware of where and what they’re doing? Today’s children are often more proficient on computers than their parents, and most of them own a mobile phone. So parents often don’t where their children are virtually and who they’re communicating with.

Parent Newsletters

The Academy provides regular email newsletter to keep parents up to date with events and information. Click Learn More below to read the latest newsletters and sign up to our community newsletter that is published once a term.

Parents Evenings

We are moving away from the traditional method of giving you a very small amount of time with different subject teachers. Instead, you will be offered a longer length of time with your child and their Coach.


The uniform at Route 39 Academy is a symbol of our students’ aspirations and will reflect their pride and commitment to being a member of the Route 39 Academy community. It is also a visible sign of their readiness to learn. At our first Open Day in October 2012, we asked parents and students to vote for either a smart and business-like, or more casual uniform. The results were overwhelmingly in favour of a formal uniform, including blazer and tie.


In order to make Route 39 Academy accessible to as many families as possible, we have put in place affordable transport solutions for students wishing to attend the school.

School Meals

The students are currently offered a selection of freshly prepared packed lunch options which they choose weekly to create their own individual meal. It is planned that hot meals may be provided in the winter.  The choice is varied, interesting, healthy and realistic to student preferences but also adheres to the government school food standards.

Equipment Essentials

Information on the equipment and items a student needs to bring to school each day. Also information on our Chromebook policy and insurance options.

Getting Involved

Friends of Route 39 Academy (FOR39, for short) is a group of parents and members of the community who work together to help support the school. Joining the group is an ideal way to meet new people and at the same time help school and students, and promote our involvement in the local community.


Our Ofsted report has been published. It judges the Academy as 'Inadequate' and places it in Special Measures. We strongly refute the judgement and the manner in which the inspection was handled. However, we want to assure parents that we have already progressed rapidly to tackle the areas where we agree with the inspectors.