Our Principal, Jordan Kelly

Principal, Mr Jordan Kelly

When Mr Kelly was invited to take the role of Acting Principal, he had already demonstrated his leadership qualities, both in his previous job as head of a large faculty of Science and Technology, and at Route 39 Academy. This leadership was singled out in the Academy's Ofsted report. Having grown up in north Devon, Mr Kelly has a strong commitment towards improving the life chances of young people locally. He is also passionate about the Academy’s vision. 

He comments: "My aim has always been to create the conditions where students have the security and freedom to be themselves - this will foster a lifelong love of learning which will allow students to become flexible, logical problem solvers and to be able to succeed in any aspect of continuing education or work environment. Until I came to Route 39 Academy I wasn’t aware there was a school that matched my beliefs so strongly. This is why I am so invested in this school and relish the opportunity to lead the Academy into the next stage of its evolution."

Former Principal, Mrs Joss Hayes, remarked: "My decision to accept a promotion at a larger Academy was an extremely difficult one to make. But it was eased by my confidence in Mr Kelly's professionalism and leadership."

Mr Kelly welcomes visitors to the school for a tour and a chance to immerse youself in the unique and vibrant learning environment Route 39 has to offer.

You can contact Jordan Kelly with any questions directly at jordan.kelly@route39.org.uk