Keeping Safe

Mr Kelly supervises the students as they walk along Wrinkleberry Lane.


The official term 'Safeguarding' features highly in the priorities of staff and governors. It refers to the measures which are put in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students.

At Route 39 Academy, we pride ourselves that the culture and organisation of the school mean that each student is cared for and known well. The results of our parent and student surveys endorse this. The following practices ensure rigour in this process:
  • The Principal and designated governors receive training in how to make sure the right staff are recruited for positions at the Academy.
  • All staff including volunteers, peripatetic and supply staff are subject to the relevant checks. 
  • Staff and Governors are trained in Child Protection and Safeguarding.
  • Any concerns regarding a student are discussed and acted on immediately.

Supervising Movement Around the Site

Arrangements are in place to ensure that students are kept safe whilst moving between the split school sites.
  • Students are always escorted by members of staff.
  • Staff wear high visibility jackets.
  • They carry high powered torches in winter.
  • They have walkie talkies when on duty.


All students have Chromebooks and are allowed to use mobiles and handheld devices for learning. Safe and appropriate use of this technology is actively promoted by: