Knowing Each Student Well

A strong bond between student and teacher is at the heart of productive learning. It allows each student to be supported according to their individual needs, enabling them to achieve their potential.

  • Every student has a trained personal coach who is the primary contact and works closely with the student and parents. Students are supported in finding their own answers to any problems, establishing their goals and identifying the steps they must take to reach them. 
  • Timetabling ensures teaching staff will teach a limited number of students per week and so get to know the students really well.
  • Lessons are longer allowing students and teachers time to build stronger relationships, as well as allowing more in-depth learning to take place. 
  • Staff regularly collaborate across subject areas, sharing learning strategies for the individual students.

A typical secondary timetable

As you can see, a typical secondary school timetable involves the student seeing a large number subject teachers and frequently changing lessons. 

Route 39 Timetable

The longer lesson periods of a Route 39 timetable help ensure teacher and pupil have time to know each other well, and the strengths and needs of each student can be responded to.