First Days Count!

Students across all year groups took part in Collaboration Day at the start of term to build confidence and teamwork, and get to know each other.
By October half term, students who started in September have experienced their first six weeks of Academy life. We asked three students and a parent what it has been like being one of the 'new ones' and discovered that first day nerves have been replaced by confidence and enjoyment.

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"I  felt nervous on my first day and I didn't know anyone. But taking part in Collaboration Day was great because I got to know everyone much better.

Being here has taught me resilience and sheer determination to the extent that I achieved the 'Consistency award' in my third week! So far I have not only achieved my academic goals but I have really enjoyed myself. I no longer get frustrated easily and I work well with others.

I am going to apply for the position of School Leader because I would like to contribute to the school and I think I can set an example for being passionate, approachable, determined, motivated and above all, genuine."
"Coming to Route 39 on the first day I was really scared and nervous. I was especially scared when me and my dad went to the wrong bus stop!!!

My first half term at Route 39 has been awesome! Although the days are long, I think it’s worth it. I can't list any best bits because it’s all been really fun."
"On my first day I felt worried because of making friends, the new subjects, wondering if I had the right equipment and all the stress of starting a new school.

But I've really enjoyed my first half-term. I've made new friends, started new subjects, and lots more. The best things have been learning new things, being challenged, and Friday’s extended curriculum. And next half term I'm looking forward to doing the Christmas play, even though I'm nervous, of course!"

Tine Landy, Parent

"My daughter is having a good experience at Route 39, and is doing really well. The first few weeks she was very tired, but she soon got used to the longer school day and is happy to go to school. Doing her homework at school is definitely a positive aspect!

She is a really social person, and the way the academy is structured she has got to know lots of students across the school, and across ages. She has made lots of friends and is gaining a lot academically.

When we visited the school before she went we were very excited about how positive the teachers were - we still get the sense that the teachers are very enthusiastic about what they do. I think that the teaching really engages the students and carries them along.

I feel that the teachers are very supportive and the coaching system works really well. When my daughter first arrived there were a few issues that arose, but I got in touch with her coach and the problems were all dealt with very quickly. Meeting with the coach, and establishing a good contact in the first few weeks was really helpful. There seems to be a special kind of relationship between teachers and parents at Route 39 - it is direct and open."