Our Approach

Knowing Each Student Well

A strong bond between student and teacher is at the heart of productive learning. It allows each student to be supported according to their individual needs, enabling them to achieve their potential.

Strength and Confidence

We are a school community of strong, confident and kind individuals who can embrace learning without any barriers.

Life Skills and Learning Habits

Young people today need preparation for an ever-changing world, a world where knowledge becomes rapidly outdated. This is why Academy teachers design lessons that focus on developing learning habits rather than spoonfeeding content.

Broad Horizons, Balanced Values

We are a small school, with mutual respect at the heart of our ethos. We promote behaviours which develop strength of character and make our community happy and cohesive - accepting individual differences, listening to other viewpoints, taking personal responsibility for words and actions.

Progress by Stage not Age

All students learn and develop at different rates and in different ways. For this reason, students are taught in mixed age groups, based on the stage they are at rather than their age or school year. This allows them to progress at a pace which is right for them.

Specialist Provision

At Route 39 Academy all our students are included in the core curriculum and all have their personal learning journey. We know them exceptionally well and can therefore progress areas of strength, whilst developing those areas that a student may find more difficult.

Focus on Literacy

We believe that these skills are so important that we have specifically designed the curriculum to ensure that there is a regular and sustained focus on literacy – something quite unusual in a secondary school.

Learning From Real Life

Real life and hands-on experience are used wherever possible to make learning more relevant and engaging.

Pupil Premium

Our current Pupil Premium plan to support disadvantaged students to achieve at or above the level of their non-disadvantaged peers. 

A Longer School Day

Real life and hands-on experience are used wherever possible to make learning more relevant and engaging.

A Personalised Education

Our central principle is that students can achieve great things if they are known well and are challenged and supported as individuals.

A Culture of Mutual Respect

We instil a culture of mutual respect from day one. We want kind, strong, and confident individuals who can focus fully on their learning and achievement.

Developing Life-Long Learners

We ignite students' natural learning powers and spark a love of learning which lasts a lifetime. They develop skills which enable them to excel at their study and exams, and also ensure that they are equipped to succeed in the modern world.

A School in the Countryside

We maximise the potential of the unique and beautiful environment which surrounds us. A gem of British tourism and farming, celebrated by writers, artists, geologists, naturalists, gardeners and chefs - it's an amazing resource for learning.

A Partnership with Parents

Education is a conversation. Research shows that ultimately it is parent input which has the most significant impact on student performance.