Academy Policies

Please note: All safeguarding policies are available in the safeguarding section of the website. Click here to view our safeguarding policies.
Route 39 Academy provides a range of policies to enable the Academy to operate efficiently. They also ensure that parents, students and staff know what to expect from the Academy and in return what the Academy needs from them. 

All policies are agreed by the Governing Body and are reviewed regularly to ensure they remain effective and conform to current Government legislation.

Please note parents and carers may request a paper copy of any of our policies. Paper copies will be provided free of charge.

Admissions Policy

This policy details the admission arrangements for our school and should be read in conjunction with the Co-ordinated Admissions Schemes and other agreed policies of Devon County Council, the Local Authority (LA).

Charging and Remissions

The purpose of the policy is to ensure that there is clarity over those items which the Academy will provide free of charge and for those items where there may be a charge.


This complaints procedure describes how anyone with a complaint can set about having the complaint dealt with.

Educational Visits

Students at Route 39 Academy will derive educational benefit from taking part in visits. This policy is designed to ensure that students stay safe and healthy on Academy visits.

Equality, Diversity and Harassment, incorporating the Accessibility Plan

The delivery of the curriculum at Route 39 Academy provides opportunities for all children to reach their full potential regardless of race, disability, gender or social background. We actively seek to positively promote this entitlement throughout our school.

Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion

The aim of this policy is to clarify for students, staff and parents/carers that bullying behaviour is always unacceptable. We wish to encourage an environment where independence is celebrated and individuals can flourish without fear. Our SEND Policy is currently being reviewed the final draft is shown. It is expected to be ratified by governors in February 2018.