Specialist Provision

"I am a parent of a child with SEN. Route 39 has given him the opportunity to grow both emotionally and socially. I feel that the school has an excellent ethos of care and support of all students." Parent
At Route 39 Academy all our students are included in the core curriculum and all have their personal learning journey. We know them exceptionally well and can therefore progress areas of strength, whilst developing those areas that a student may find more difficult.
  • All students have a personal coach with whom they work closely.
  • All students have personal and challenging targets which are discussed and revisited regularly.
  • Staff meet regularly to discuss how best to plan lessons around the needs of different students and to share ideas.
However, we recognise that some students have more specialised needs. We strive to unpick the way that they learn and the difficulties and obstacles they encounter. We then devise strategies which ensure they move forward.

Our Specialist Provision Coordinator (SENDCO), Mr Sam Sansom, works closely with staff, students and parents to ensure that all students' Learning Plans are effective and that students are making good progress. Please contact him via email with any questions:  sam.sansom@route39.org.uk

Our SEND and Inclusion policy:

Our policy complies with: