Strength and Confidence

"I can honestly say that the transformation of my son has been almost unbelievable. He has become a happy, confident young man." Mrs Griffin, Parent
We are a school community of strong, confident and kind individuals who can embrace learning without any barriers. To achieve this, the entire school is included in a programme designed to build strength of character. It is effective because:

  • The training involves everyone. There is a combination of group and one-one sessions for students, staff, governors, parents, and the wider community.
  • The techniques are employed consistently, every day within school.
  • The techniques empower everyone to take responsibility for their words and actions.
  • There are no distinctions made between the bullied or the bully, or the behaviours being experienced.
  • Everyone is encouraged to understand their cycles of behaviour. They are given the tools to move out of that situation. And finally they are shown that they have a choice of whether they want to act.
  • Mixed age classes and coaching groups build supportive relationships across year groups.

We work with The Scary Guy, who combines entertainment with education, and ensures that the programme has consistency and impact.