The Importance Good of Attendance

At Route 39 Academy, we are committed to improving every student’s life chances. We therefore monitor the attendance of all students and when any pupil's attendance falls below 95% (around one week in any year), it is taken very seriously. The diagram below shows the link between attendance and the examination results students may achieve.

Did you know?

  • A child who is absent a day of school per week misses an equivalent of two years of their school life.
  • 90% of young people with absence rates below 85% fail to achieve five or more good grades of GCSE and around one third achieve no GCSEs at all.
  • Poor examination results limit young people’s opportunities since poor attendance suggests to colleges and future employers that these students are unreliable.

Students with higher levels of absence often:

  • fall behind in work.
  • lose motivation.
  • fail to enjoy their work.
  • display poor behaviour.
  • lose confidence.
  • lose their desire to attend school regularly.
  • miss out on the social life of school and extra-curricular opportunities and experiences.
  • find it hard to have or keep friendships.

Parental support in ensuring that your child attends school as consistently as possible is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Specialist Provision, Mr Leighton Tellem:

Every activity during the Academy day makes an important contribution to the students' education. Here, students are erecting tents as part of a team-building and collaboration initiative.